The Hydrix EmbeDded Graphic Engine is now available. Bring the revolution to your embedded platform, graph equations never thought possible before.

There are many graph-drawing programs, but doing it well is harder than it may seem. The traditional approach is to restrict users to considering only explicit functions of the form y=f(x) and to graph them by “joining the dots”, but this approach can give inaccurate results and is unnecessarily limiting. Students of algebra should be free to explore the broader class of relations, including inequalities like (x^2+y^2)^2<12*(x^2-y^2).

EDGE is a graphing engine that can quickly and accurately graph a broad range of algebraic relations. Additionally it can identify and display regions where the relation is undefined. The graphing engine has been designed specifically for embedding within handheld calculators, using efficient algorithms and compact data structures that perform well within the processor and memory constraints of a low-power device.

Common solutions are either not suited for embedded environment or somewhat inaccurate.

Now comes EDGE.

Online Demonstration

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