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Fix issue with PHP5 where the system timezone is incorrectly calculated.

Now set it manually

Make html 100% XHTML compliant
Amend scripts reading log so they can directly read the log file rather than a filtered version
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detect time inconsistencies. If the system time somehow got screwed, it would lead to a big hole in the database as we can only append data with a later timestamp
Solar efficiency graph hadn't been updated in over a year due to a configuration error
Add mechanisms to reset USB port.

My RS485 adapter started to play up, and would stop working after a few minutes. Removing and reinserting if from the USB port was sufficient to make it work again.

So I implemented a software solution for it... Just a work around until I get a new RS485 adapter

calculate UTC time offset at the current time, not at midnight.

DST time change occurs around 2AM, so we would otherwise only see the correctly adjusted time to following day only

revert r6334
Reset the serial port after X attempts.

Since upgrading to new ubuntu 12.04, serial ports fail reading after a few minutes when left opened

Ignore errors on input (can happen if power outage\!)
make cc128 daemon poll less often serial port
make pvoutput use optional start and end date (YYYYMMDD)
Add ability to log inverter efficiency. This is done from the aurora log
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fixed missing rrdtool import
Update script license and to use common module
Update script license and to use common module
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Update script to use common module
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time.daylight returns incorrect data for some reason. So change the way we calculate the time offset from UTC.
Fix log output not being written to specified file
Add one picture
Add option to pvoutput to print date in CSV
Update and simplify waterlevel monitor to use common code template
Make import from raspberry pi more easily configurable
Writing to SD card too often lead to corrupt SD card. So add a --nowrite option that prevent writing to RRD database for cc128 and aurora daemon. Can be used with --nowrite or as option in defaults.cfg
Add import of data from remote raspberry pi

Simplify aurora import

update aurora binary to 1.8.3 for amd64

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Update pvoutput so it can work as an imported module. Add options to output pvoutput daily and live. Make pvoutput.py returns the up to date value for the required system when no argument provided
pvoutput time is for the previous 5 minutes
Change how we are calculating today's kWh value, don't estimate from power reading if we have wH data as it's about 10% off the real value.

Add pvoutput widget

Update aurora utility to 1.8.3, add patch required on standard version
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